About Us

ECOPOD is a Miami-based environmentally conscious company focused on sustainability founded in 2017 by Henry Pino and Gabriela Pino. The EcoPod team began the company because we saw that the plastic pollution problem was spiraling out of control and becoming more and more detrimental to our planet. 

Our mission is simple, we want to eliminate single-use plastics that are used to package home care and personal care products by utilizing EcoPod Refill Stations and the NUVE product line. 

The EcoPod technology incorporates reusable aluminum containers in order to refill these products through the EcoPod refill stations. NUVE is part of the Ecopod family, these products are environmentally friendly and make use of the EcoPod system by allowing for easy refills.

We felt that by eliminating single-use plastics we will be closer to achieving a plastic-free world. The refill stations will help you, your community, and the world become greener, cleaner, and more beautiful. 


Click to learn more about EcoPod: http://ecopod.us/