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Van Refills(2nd+ time refilling) OR Use your own container (SOUTH FLORIDA)

Only purchase from this collection if:

1. We have already delivered your first product to you in the past in the Ecopod containers & you are now in need of a refill because you have ran out of the liquid inside your container


2.  You are using your own container and not the Ecopod containers

If this is your first time ordering Refill Van delivery and need to use our Ecopod containers, please do not purchase from this collection. You may only buy from this collection if you are using your own container or if you already have an Ecopod container and need only the liquid that goes inside. 

NOTE: These prices are lower because we have eliminated the cost of the packaging. 

*Please make sure containers are sanitized and clean prior to our arrival as we do not wash/clean containers.