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Clean Hands Set
Clean Hands Set
Clean Hands Set
Clean Hands Set
Clean Hands Set
Clean Hands Set

Clean Hands Set

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Keep your hands clean while using less plastic with this set of hand soap filled refill pouch, filled aluminum hand soap bottle, and two filled aluminum hand sanitizer bottles. Not only will you have peace of mind that your hands are clean at home and on-the-go, you'll also love how these aluminum bottles look by your sink. 

Set includes :
Two 10oz aluminum bottles filled with hand sanitizer 
One 10oz aluminum bottle filled with anti-bacterial liquid hand soap. 
One 20 oz anti-bacterial liquid hand soap refill pouch (filled)
One 20 oz  hand sanitizer refill pouch (filled)

Removes bacteria

Hand soap helps wash away germs and sanitizer kills them. This bundle has plenty of each to keep the whole house healthy.


Aloe leaf juice helps protect dry skin

Sustainable packaging

Pouches use 83% less plastic than bottles and aluminum bottles can be recycled and reused indefinitely.