Clean Home Set

Clean Home Set

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Have a girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, or friend who needs a little help in the sustainable home department? Give them the gift of a clean sustainable home this Valentine's Day!

Keep your home clean with this minimal waste cleaning products bundle. Our products are gentle and hardworking. They get the job done, all while helping the planet.

The set includes our three core surface cleaners: all-purpose spray for countertops, doors, walls, and all the hard surfaces you need to clean, an all-purpose refill pouch, lemon scent floor cleaner for the floor and tiles, and dish soap to keep your dishes and sink sparkling clean. We're also including a filled hand soap aluminum bottle because well, who doesn't need hand soap these days?

Pouch is 83% less plastic than your regular average plastic bottle. The aluminum bottle can be reused indefinitely.

When you're done with your products, you can come back to purchase refill pouches, which are 83% less plastic than your regular plastic bottles. The aluminum bottle that's included be reused indefinitely.